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News and Information for the 2009 IABD Conference in St. Louis, MO. IABD Press is a product of comm studies graduate students from Emerson College in Boston.

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Editor:  Rodney A. Oglesby – Managing Editor:  Marjorie G. Adams
Business Research Yearbook: Global Business Perspectives is the official annual publication of the International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD). Founded in 1987, IABD is a not-for-profit organization that encourages the exchange of information, ideas and research results from around the world. The Academy provides a unique global forum for professionals and faculty in business schools, communications programs, and other social science departments to discuss common interests that overlap artificial career, political, and national boundaries.

Business Research Yearbook, which began publication in 1994, draws its articles from the best presentations at each year’s IABD conference. Sometimes there is confusion as to how to classify the Yearbook’s scholarship when it comes time for annual evaluations, graduate faculty status reviews, and tenure/promotion decisions. As a true yearbook, it is organized to present cutting edge research. Unlike proceedings, Business Research Yearbook is an ISBN and Library of Congress Registration Publication and is listed in the Cabell’s directory as a refereed publication. The Business Research Yearbook is available for purchase by institutions and libraries. For ordering BRY, please contact Reza Eftekharzadeh at Eftekharzadeh@stjohns.edu.

The selection process leading to publication is detailed and getting more rigorous every year. All papers accepted for presentation at the IABD annual conference, with the exception of special invited workshops, go through peer review using a double-blind procedure typical of all the better academic organizations. Based upon the recommendations of the reviewers, the track chair may accept or reject papers, also requesting revisions. Once a paper is accepted for presentation, then it is eligible to be considered for publication in Business Research Yearbook. It should be noted that some papers might be accepted by IABD track chairs for presentation only.
IABD publishes and/or collaborates in producing:
•    Competitiveness Review,
•    Journal of International Business Disciplines
•    The International Journal of Commerce and Management,