IABD Press 2009

News and Information for the 2009 IABD Conference in St. Louis, MO. IABD Press is a product of comm studies graduate students from Emerson College in Boston.

IABD Leadership
Track Chairs

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Track Chairs and Area Coordinators

1. Accounting Theory
2.  Accounting History
3. Advertising & Marketing Communications
4. Applied Management Science & DSS
5. Communication and Technology
6. Computer Information Systems (CIS/MIS)
7. Critical & Crisis Management
8. Cross-cultural Management
9. Cross-cultural Marketing
10. E-business
11. Economics
12. Entrepreneurship/Small Business
       Co Chair
13. Ethical & Social Issues in Business
14. Finance
15. Franchising & Hybrid Organizations                                 
16. Global Corporation P. R., Responsibility & Culture
17. Global Environment & Trends
18. Health Communications & Public Policy
19. Human Resources Management
20. Instructional/Pedagogical Issues
21. International Business & Marketing
22. Interpersonal & Small Group Communication
23. Leadership
24. Managerial Accounting
25. Management of Diversity
26. Manufacturing & Service
27. Marketing Research
28. Organizational Behavior & Theory
29. Organizational Communication & Crisis Mgmt.
30. Political Communication & Public Affairs
31. Public Relations & Corporate Communications
32. Quality & Productivity
33. Spirituality in Organizations
34. Sports Marketing
35. Strategic Management
36. Strategic Marketing
37. Student Papers
38. Teams and Teamwork
39. Tourism, Travel, & Hospitality
40. Area Convenor for Africa
41. Area Convenor for Asia
42. Area Convenor for Europe
43. Area Convenor for Middle East

Richard Silkoff, Eastern Connecticut State University
Darwin L. King, St. Bonaventure University
Louis K. Falk, UTB/TSC
Zahid Khairullah, St. Bonaventure University
John C. Tedesco, Virginia Tech University
Shakil Rahman, Frostburg State University
Kok Leong Choo, University of Wales, Institute Cardiff
Mary Higby, University of Detroit Mercy
Ziad Swaidan, University of Houston-Victoria
Gillian Palmer, ElementE & Excelsior College   
Dale Steinreich, Drury University
Margaret A. Goralski, Southern Connecticut State Univ.
Chulguen Yang, Southern Connecticut State University
David Zoogah, Morgan State University
Phillip Fuller, Jackson State University
Rosa Mariz Perez, University of La Coruna, Spain
Enric Ordeix-Rigo, Ramon Llull University Barcelona-Catalonia-Spain
Erich B. Bergiel, University of West Georgia
J. Gregory Payne, Emerson College
Paul Fadil, University of North Florida
Amiso M. George, Texas Christian University
Philemon Oyewole, Howard University
Paul LeBlanc III, University of Texas at San Antonio
Timothy L. Howard, California State University, Sacramento
Majidul Islam, Concordia University
Chynette Nealy, University of Houston-Downtown
Mohammad Z. Bsat, National University
Talha Harcar, Pennsylvania State University at Beaver
Kayong Holston, Ottawa University
Reza Eftekharzadeh, St. John’s University
John Mark King, East Tennessee State University
Bonita Dostal Neff, Valparaiso University
Michael Monahan, Frostburg State University
Robert A. Page, Southern Connecticut State University
Brian V. Larson, Widener University
Omid Nodoushani, Southern Connecticut State Univ.
Harold W. Lucius, Rowan University
Martha Mattare, Frostburg State University
Lawrence E. Zeff, University of Detroit Mercy
Felix Abeson, Coppin State University
Gillian Palmer, ElementE Ltd and Excelsior College
Ali Kanso, University of Texas at San Antonio
U. Raut-Roy, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Mohammad Sayed-Hosseini, Iran Univ. of Science & Technology