IABD Press 2009

News and Information for the 2009 IABD Conference in St. Louis, MO. IABD Press is a product of comm studies graduate students from Emerson College in Boston.

About the IABD
Mission, Objectives & Acknowledgments

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The International Academy of Business Disciplines (formerly the International Academy of Management & Marketing) is a global, nonprofit, and non-partisan organization established to foster education in all business disciplines. The objectives of IABD are to stimulate learning and understanding and to exchange information, ideas and research results around the world. In addition, the Academy seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the international marketplace.

Furthermore, we hope to create an environment where learning, teaching and research and the practice of management, marketing, economics, finance, accounting, management information systems, and communications can be advanced. Our main focus is on unifying and extending knowledge in these areas to ultimately create an integrated theory that applies across national boundaries. Membership in the organization is open to scholars, practitioners, public policy makers, and concerned citizens who are interested in advancing knowledge in various business disciplines and related fields. More information is available on home page of IABD at www.iabd.org.

To all our supporters and host organizations we express our thanks and appreciation. We hope that you will continue your support of our volunteer organization. With your continued help and cooperation we will build one of the most respected organizations in the profession.

We extend acknowledgments and thanks to all participants who submitted their work and supported IABD activities leading up to the 2009 conference. We also thank all those who have provided us with their professional contributions such as reviewing papers, chairing sessions and serving as discussants. And more importantly, we acknowledge the area coordinators and track chairs. They are one of the most important groups in IABD. Truly, there would be no IABD program without the hard work and dedicated efforts of the area coordinators and track chairs.