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News and Information for the 2009 IABD Conference in St. Louis, MO. IABD Press is a product of comm studies graduate students from Emerson College in Boston.

About IABD Press
What We're Doing & Who We Are

Welcome to IABD Press 2009!

Returning to the St. Louis convention after an inaugural start at our San Diego conference,  IABD Press is dedicated to capturing the essence of the panels, lectures, presentations and keynote speakers, as well as the personalities that make our organization so special.  Throughout the convention, students from Emerson College will be conducting interviews for IABD TV.  We will be covering panels and asking IABD members to give their impressions of the convention as well as highlight their scholarly work and presentations. You can also add you comments regarding the convention by responding on the blog.

The IABD Press Team will be posting these interviews and pictures to the website at noon and at 8 p.m. daily.  Please check the website each day to catch up on the exciting events at the IABD St. Louis!  If you have any events or people you want us to highlight, please call me at 617-504-6112, or email me at zulene@aol.com.

After the convention, IABD Press 2009 will be a part of the IABD website so that we can remember our days in St.Louis!


Gregory Payne
Vice President of Advancement 

The Team

Dr. J. Gregory Payne - Executive Director

J. Gregory Payne is an Associate Professor and former chair of Emerson College's Department of Communication Studies. He is Director of the Center for Ethics in Political and Health Communication, which he co-founded in 1996. He is on the Advisory board of the Journal of Health Communication, Media Ethics, Communication Quarterly and Journal of Promotion Management, among others. He is on the Partnership Board for Anthrax Vaccine Education and has been the invited editor for American Behavioral Scientist’s special edition on the U.S. presidential campaign for every election since l988. He is President of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, past chair of the Political Communication Division of the National Communication Association, U.S. representative of the Global Public Relations Project, Board member for UNICEF New England, member of Eastern Communication Association, European Communication Associations, and International Communication Association, among others.  Dr. Payne is a strong advocate of grass-root attempts and public diplomacy, and holds a Ph.D from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Robert Rykowski - Webmaster/Reporter

Robert Rykowski grew up in southern California and moved to Boston to pursue an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Emerson College.  He continues his study at Emerson as a Communications Management Master's student.  Under the direction of Dr. J Gregory Payne, Robert has developed a strong affinity for public diplomacy.  He currently works for Empower Peace, a non-profit outreach program that brings together international youth in cultural exchange programs.

Jeffrey Werner - Reporter

Jeffrey Werner is a MA candidate in Communication Management at Emerson College in Boston after having earned a BA in History from Boston University in 2003.  Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, he has been exposed to and interacted with Mexican culture and language from a very early age.  He has also been heavily drawn to current events and public affairs his entire life.  Jeffrey is intensely interested in exploring other cultures and ways of life on a direct, person-to-person level.  He hopes to help eliminate the kinds of misconceptions that cloud peoples’ judgements and fuel conflict through simple dialogue.  Currently, he is involved in active public diplomacy efforts as a participant in the American Jewish Committee’s ACCESS program.  In addition, he is a board member of the Vilna Shul, Boston’s only remaining immigrant-era synagogue and PRISM, the young adult branch of the New Center for Arts and Culture.

Daniel Seet - Reporter

Daniel Seet, 31, is a Singaporean international student currently pursuing his graduate degree in Communication Management with Emerson College in Boston. Broadly, his interests include the study of management and leadership communication - and their interplay in the discipline of project management - as well as crisis management, public affairs and the impact of new and emerging online social media on public communication practices and policies. As part of his interests in new media and Web 2.0 studies, Daniel maintains an exploratory blog (promulgationrubiconpr.weebly.com) on his own time, and he is also a self-proclaimed amateur photographer. Back in Singapore, Daniel is a member of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), a public emergency response agency that provides 24hrs fire-fighting, rescue, hazardous materials mitigation and emergency ambulance services. He has been with the SCDF for close to 10 years, and has seen tours of duties at two fire stations, as well as his department's public affairs department.

Efe Sevin - Reporter

Efe, from Turkey, completed his undergraduate degree in Middle East Technical University, with a B.Sc. degree in International Relations and a minor degree in Sociology. He has been involved in a variety of European conferences and trainings where he worked to spread the idea of Borderless Europe and the importance of cultural exchange. Deciding that he has spent enough time on the East coast of the ocean, he chose to continue his graduate studies in Boston, MA as a Fulbright scholar. He is planning to work in the fields of political communication and nation branding.
You can reach his website by clicking here.

Nada Farhat - Reporter

Nada Farhat is from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trained as a physician at King Faisal University, she is also a renowned artist in the Middle East. The interplay between medicine and art creates for Nada a complementary system, with one acting as a motivator while the other is a stress reliever. since coming to the United States, Nada has used her art as an advocate for peace. She is currently a graduate student in the Communications Management program at Emerson College and a Fulbright Scholarship nominee. With this program, she plans to juxtapose her art with public diplomacy to help educate and nullify the stereotypical images of the Middle east the west views today.