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News and Information for the 2009 IABD Conference in St. Louis, MO. IABD Press is a product of comm studies graduate students from Emerson College in Boston.

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From the President

Dear colleagues, welcome to the 21st Annual Conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, April 2 - 4, in the historic city of St Louis. All of us at the IABD cherish the opportunity to once again see old friends and make new ones from the United States as well as other countries of the world.

I would like to thank you for contributing to the continuous growth of IABD by introducing new tracks, presenting and publishing your scholarly works, and generating more student-participation; the young men and women who are the foundation of our future.

My special thanks to all area-coordinators, track chairs, and manuscript-reviewers for their exceptional work in making this conference possible. I am deeply grateful to Carolyn Ashe, Rod Oglesby, Marjorie Adams, Louis Falk, Gregory Payne, and Reza Eftekharzadeh for their leadership and dedication.

I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the IABD Board of Directors, to Jonathan Gibralter (President of Frostburg State University,) and to Susan Aldridge (President of University of Maryland University College,) for their commitment and continued support.

In this era of economic downturn, let us take advantage of such a friendly and supportive atmosphere created by IABD, to engage in meaningful communication and dialogue, exchange new ideas, listen to each other’s perspectives with respect for our cultural differences, and to work together in searching for peaceful and constructive solutions to complicated problems facing the world today. Let’s show our commitment to enhancing global understanding and fostering peace and prosperity for all human beings on earth.

I wish you a wonderful experience at the 2009 IABD International Conference, and please do not hesitate to share with me any suggestion for continuous improvement in all elements of the International Academy of Business Disciplines.


Ahmad Tootoonchi